Enhanced Surveying Administration: Key Features

Explore our website page highlighting essential features designed to revolutionize surveying administration, offering advanced tools and functionalities that streamline tasks, optimize workflows, and elevate the efficiency of surveying administrative processes.

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Effortless Scheduling

Our streamlined appointment booking system revolutionises the way you schedule appointments, simplifying the process for a hassle-free experience.

Bespoke CRM for RICS Surveys

Our custom-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is meticulously crafted specifically for RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) surveys.

Seamless Billing

Our one-click invoicing solution simplifies the billing process, offering a swift and seamless method to generate invoices instantly, saving time with financial transactions.

Customised Terms & Conditions

Our Custom Terms & Conditions service offers personalised legal agreements crafted to fit your business needs, providing comprehensive protection and clarity in commercial dealings.

Internal Support Ticket System

Our Support Ticket System offers a structured approach to manage and resolve customer issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction.

Online Editor with Proofreading Capabilities

Our Online Report Editor integrates advanced proofreading processes, offering a comprehensive platform for editing reports online, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and polished content.

Surveyor Trainer & Trainee System

Our Surveyor Trainer & Trainee System establishes a structured and supportive framework for experienced surveyors to mentor and guide aspiring professionals, fostering skill development and industry expertise.

Instant Downloadable PDF Report Delivery

Our Downloadable PDF Report Delivery service offers an efficient way to access and obtain reports instantly in PDF format, ensuring swift delivery and convenience for your customers.

Levels: iOS App for RICS Level 2 & 3 Reports

Levels is a user-friendly iOS app designed to for conducting RICS Level 2 & 3 reports, offering intuitive features for efficient data collection, analysis, and report generation.

Intuitive Site Plan Drawing Tool

An easy-to-use sketch plan facility that simplifies the process of drawing property/site plans, offering a user-friendly platform for creating accurate and detailed property layouts effortlessly.